2017: A Year In Review

I’ll be honest with you — it was a difficult year. The world tipped over and all of the garbage spilled out. A deep, ugly division in this country grew deeper, uglier. Neo-Nazis took to the streets in Charlottesville. Someone died. The worst mass-shooting happened in Las Vegas. Fires in Northern California consumed forests and homes. An even worse one still ravages Southern California. The chaos in the Middle East continued apace. A shockingly dangerous pissing match between the United States and North Korea continued, despite efforts to cool it down. Don’t even get me started about environment and global climate change.

I finally had to disengage from it. I’m just too damned sensitive.

It wasn’t all bad, really. I achieved all of my financial goals this year. I finally untangled myself from a major bank that played at part in the housing crisis. I quit smoking. Let me repeat: I QUIT SMOKING. I started meditating regularly. I started going out more often. I met a charming older gentleman at The Mint earlier this year; we seemed to hit it off. It would be really nice to seem him again, after all these months. Time will tell. I crawled out of my comfort zone and participated in an astrological life coaching session, hosted via live video by a very astute, self-actualized gentleman (who demonstrated great patience with me as I occasionally went off on a tangent). I started writing again. More people started reading what I was writing. The feedback has been very positive.

But, yes, I had to disengage on a certain level. “Let it go” were the words, spoken to me many times, by my mother. Why did it take me so long for those words to take root? Well, I’m getting there. And now I know I have to take care of MYSELF. I have to cultivate my own garden, create a sanctuary within.

Next year is going to be great. I’m on a journey to become whole again, on so many levels. To shine my light and sing the music of the spheres. Like a rocket, I’m headed for the stars!

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