Who Is That Person?

Who is that person
I see staring back at me?
Gray hairs, wrinkled face
With eyes that struggle to see
Youth’s own fall from grace

See that yonder line
Over there, on the left side?
Was it created
That time when I sat and cried
Lonely, frustrated?

That gray hair, on top
Oh tell me, when did it fade?
From a broken heart?
From life’s disappointing shade
With a taste so tart?

And those tired eyes
Can you tell me what happened
Lo, these many years?
Like the fruit that has ripened
And then fell like tears?

Who is that person
Inside of me, young and new?
Possessed of a soul
Imperishable and true
Eternal and whole

Who is that person?
It is I, of middle age
Learning, creating
Transforming into a sage
And yes, just being!

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