Heaven Knows

Oh Lord, Heaven knows
How much I love you and
How much it shows
Oh Lord, Heaven
Heaven knows

— Dan Walsh, Harvey Price, “Heaven Knows”

I wrote this in response to the Song Lyric Prompt-a-Day 2009 Day 169 by karaokegal Since I’m a huge fan of “The Grass Roots”, I couldn’t resist the opportunity to write original fiction based on those beautiful lyrics. Enjoy!

Note: I intend to flesh this out once inspiration hits. Here is the original version

Kevin had a lot on his mind since has last trip to Phoenix. It was difficult breaking the news to Carlos that he wasn’t ready to move in just yet. He wasn’t sure if Carlos would understand this time.

They had met at a party in San Francisco, near Kevin’s home in Russian Hill. It was one of those warm, late-September nights, where the air was relatively still and held the promise of peaceful days to come. With soft jazz music in the background, and between nursing their drinks, they had become inseparable. They had spent the entire night sharing their experiences and desires. Both knew that there lives would never be the same again.

Almost two years had passed since that fateful meeting. Kevin had interviewed for a job in Scottsdale and had begun making plans for the move to Phoenix. Still, he wasn’t sure if this was the right job and the right time. He had pleaded with Carlos to come to San Francisco, but Carlos could not be separated from his tight-knit family. It was time to break the bad news.

It had been a long, depressing weekend. Kevin had returned home, tired and beaten. He had wanted to pick up the phone and call Carlos, but his arms were heavy, listless. Listening to his favorite album by “The Grass Roots”, he words of grandmother came back to him: “Home is where the heart is.”

He knew what he had to do.

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