I hear the calming music. The sounds soothe both mind and body. I can feel my breathing slow down as I become increasingly relaxed. The voice guides me to a happy memory; I can see through closed eyes, the Molokai beach where I greeted the waves and the wind. I smile as I hear the waves and feel the sun on my skin. The voice is drawing me deeper and deeper into myself as I walk through the warm sand. I’m going back in time — first one year, then two, then five, then 10. I see Snowball as a young puppy in arms, ribbon on his collar. I see Lane working out in the yard. Breathing in and out; in and out. Now 20 years back, I see myself working in downtown San Francisco. The faces of friends and lovers smile back at me. Carmine and I are laughing over a bottle of wine. My body is now just a shell and my mind has become liberated, wandering back through the mists of time. I see myself in High School, and then in Junior High, learning the flute. Who is that lovely woman below me? Why it’s Marsha, my aunt! Looking just as she did in life, beaming at me. Now I am a young child at my grandma’s house in Tucson. I feel safe and loved, still in my crib with my plush animal companion. And now I have crossed over into the light. I’m aware of being there and of being here in the present simultaneously. Lane comes over and holds my hand. We are one. Always.

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