To find a tranquil moment of repose
To rise above the fray and what has been
To then release your troubles and your woes
To face the world, a countenance serene

So true it is when we retire to rest
The body’s miracle comes into play
An energetic surge with zeal and zest
Comes forth to great the dawn of your new day


  1. Just wanted to thank you for this Todd.  I am sleeping at night, but spend most of my days angry!!!  Am talking to freshman at Sonoma State University in the education department about voting.  Sometimes, I feel like I am banging my head against the wall.  I may print this up and keep it in front of me to remind me to “Just Breath.”  Hugs and love, Janet

    1. Thanks for the feedback, Janet. Try not to be angry all the time; let the universe take on some of your emotional burden. At the same time, it is imperative that we all participate in the government that we designed more than two centuries ago. I sincerely hope, and have great expectations, for the millennials! Keep the faith. Sometimes the wheels of justice take time – and that is something that we humans have a hard time understanding. Thanks for being a friend and steady supporter of my work.

  2. *********lovely poem sweetpea :)……………..been pretty busy.  Picked up my laptop the other day to look up some things, and the battery fell out of it.  Didn’t break, but when I put it back in, computer told me “security had been ??? (don’t remember), but it told me I needed to replace it.  I started the program, but it just keep running and wouldn’t do anything.  Finally turned it off, turned it on again and got most of my stuff, but AOL Desktop Gold wouldn’t work.  ………………….I deleted off the computer hoping to put it back on again, and HA!!!………..wouldn’t download it…………..I give up……………I am going to get a new laptop, but probably won’t be for a while yet.  I did look up Fry’s for HP’s and all they had were refurbished one’s.  I want a new one.  Best Buy had lots of them, so I will go there and see what they have.  ……………hope you’re doing something fun this weekend, or maybe studying?…………..don’t forget your flu shot.  Dad finally got his a couple of days ago………………Love & hugs, mom


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