My Podcast: All Things Music

Note: this is my 100th post — a milestone!

In September of this year, I setup a podcast called All Things Music. My intention was to create a forum to discuss all aspects of music, from instrumental/vocal performance, composition/arranging, conducting, and everything in between. I’ve produced two episodes so far:

I never really thought much about creating, or even participating in, a podcast. But after being a regular call-in guest on Dr. Renee’s show, The Inner Revolution, I realized that podcasting can be a lot of fun! I was honored to be a featured guest on her episode: True Colors – A Transcendent Journey Through Depression, Loss, and Recovery. I will write about that experience in a subsequent post. It was a thrilling, terrifying, gratifying, and illuminating experience for me, as we tackled a very dark subject matter.

Stay tuned for future episodes!

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