A poem about rebirth
For Stacey

Ash Wednesday
March 6, 2019

Piercing skin, blood, and bone
Genesis 1:3

The heat of a thousand suns
Incinerating everything

A shock wave, looming, unstoppable
Thrashing charred remains
Four hundred year legacy…gone

Then the black rain comes
While the condemned march
Awaiting a slow death

Half-human monsters crying, screaming
From pain, hunger, fright
Mothers clinging to their young

Hiroshima is dying
Land of the Rising Sun
Now the sun is dark

Many days and nights
Of stillness, silence, gloom
The living envy the dead

Angels watch over the broken city
Bringing comfort to those
Who have passed over

War is over
But what will become of Japan?
Of Hiroshima?

The light returns
As it must, as it always has
Since the dawn of time

A sapling, young and green
Emerges from the charred soil
Struggling, reaching

Animals return
To restore their homes
And nurse their young

The people heal and come together
Stronger, wiser
And rebuild their city

Hiroshima is thriving
City of Peace
Bustling with activity

Life always finds a way
Hope springs eternal
Through the darkest times

Rebirth is inevitable
Even on a personal level
Even now…


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